Combining circus, theatre & puppetry with a lot of bouncing balls.

October 2019 AWESOME International Arts Festival PICA Perth

April 2019 Fairbridge Festival

April 2019 Fishtrap Theatre, Mandurah Performing Arts Centre

March 2019 Regional Residencies Narrogin Arts & Margaret River PAC



…As a grown up I loved the chance to see tennis racquets as birds and fish, cricket bats as telescopes and a myriad of ways to get up close and personal with a fitball. The music was cleverly matched to the action on stage adding to the suspension of reality. Congratulations to the team, this was a fun show with lessons for all on how to have fun. (Audience member)

…Another thing that was good about this show is its humour. It wasn’t just people doing tricks all day. There was a story to it. It also was a very real concept, showing someone using resilience to overcome her fear of trying new things. This actually happens in real life. (Sacha Bott 8 yrs, Seesaw Magazine)

Olivia is sometimes awkward, definitely curious, and a little lonely. She is new, she wants to make friends, and most of all she wants to be able to catch a tennis ball! Can our plucky heroine overcome her fear of ‘dropping the ball’ that threatens to bounce her into the side lines? Watch and cheer on as Olivia turns her world into a game she can play!


CATCH! is an action-packed, interactive adventure for little ones, their families and their friends that uses balls, racquets and all things sporty to tell a story about a young girl learning how to play, make friends and overcoming her nervous fears about sport.

Circus, Theatre & Puppetry meet in this high energy, playful and imaginative take on our love of sport. Our cast jump, roll, bounce and throw as they learn to ‘look before they leap’ while ‘having a ball’. CATCH! is all about making friends and becoming a team.


Co-created by award-winning writer/director Sally Richardson with some of our most exciting circus and puppetry performers and designers, CATCH!  is fresh, playful, fun-filled and ‘thoughtful’ circus theatre work for younger audiences and their families that explores our relationship to competition.

This work was developed in partnership with the active and generous support of staff and students from Falcon PS, South Halls Head PS, Narrogin PS & St. Thomas More PS (Margaret River).

Creative development residencies in schools 2018/19



MAXIMA are committed to exploring how we can support early childhood development and younger audience’s engagement with performance in inventive and fresh ways. How we learn, understand and deal with difference, our varying abilities, and be open to discovering new ways of seeing ourselves and each other.

Suitable for Ages 3+ Curriculum links: Focus Years K-2

Learning areas: Health and Physical education, The Arts

General capabilities: Critical and Creative thinking, Personal and Social Capability, Ethical Understanding

Production images: Emma Fishwick


Creative Team:

Co-created & featuring artists from MAXIMA including:


Yvan Karlsson, Ella Hetherington (Awesome Festival), Isabella Stone, Jessica Smart, Georgia Webb & Karla Scott (Awesome Festival)

Writer/director/producer: Sally Richardson

Lighting/sound design/associate direction: Joe Lui

Production design: Sara Chirichilli

Puppetry direction: Yvan Karlsson

Stage manager: Sally Davies

Executive Producer: Guy Boyce (for MANPAC)

Co-development partners: Narrogin Arts & Margaret River Performing Arts Centre

Production design creative development: Bryan Woltjen

Additional development cast: Maya Tregonning & Tanya Brown

This project has been assisted through LOFT, an initiative of The Blue Room Theatre, supported by the State Government through the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries, Mandurah Performing Arts Centre, Peel Health Campus, MANPAC Patrons program & Circuitwest.





Our Partners

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